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The SPICE Framework: An Integrated Solution

Simple, Practical and Robust by Design

SPICE Framework Summary

Designed to connect people potential to performance in real-time, the SPICE Framework is a simple, practical graphics-based resource.

How the SPICE Framework Works

Applying just the primary and secondary colours, the SPICE Framework’s unique graphics connect the potential of people and organisations to their performance and development.

From Recruitment to Talent Development

The user’s encounter with the SPICE Framework begins with simple and intuitive assessment resources based upon a gaming platform. The user is assessed based on the way they tend to address and resolve challenges, their work-style preferences and their perceptions of “ideal” organisations.

The gaming platform functions through engaging and interactive tools, inviting the user’s participation. Upon completion, data on individual styles and preferences is generated providing valuable information to recruiters and business leaders alike.

Because the SPICE Framework is designed as an engaging resource to be used time and again, once the assessment games have been completed, users are able to re-enter the platform and have another go. Each time, data is collected on individual performance and each time, users are reflecting on their own work-style preferences.

Realising Potential Practically

The SPICE Framework is not only about an individual’s “fit” for a job role but contribute to the management of on-going performance development in role. Behind the game-based assessments, that can be used on their own as a stand-alone resource, the SPICE Framework incorporates resources to support:

  • Functional HR
  • Organisational Development
  • On-going research and performance management

Tracking Development from Need to Impact

In developing the SPICE Framework, simple cloud-based tools have been developed that connect the identification of needs in individuals and organisations to the delivery of development solutions, directly within the software. These tools are complemented by resources to evaluate the effectiveness of solutions and to assess their impact on business and individual performance. In other words, the SPICE Framework enables connections to be made between impact and solutions. It does this through considering a range of factors from individual potential and performance through organisation and environment factors.

In the Cloud & Face-to-Face

The SPICE Framework blends cloud-based, SaaS applications to support face-to-face development with people